K-HOUSE / Daily Record

2020 / Setagaya, Tokyo / Daily Record

日常の所作や空間に置かれた物事に内在する一瞬は、とても儚い。時間に追われ情報にあふれる現代において見すごされがちな一瞬は、時間のうつろいとともに情景をつくり続けている。K-HOUSEは、日常のこうした一瞬を、情景を、繊細に感じ取りながら過ごすことを想定して設計された。この儚い一瞬の連続を捉えるために、光や空気の質感表現を得意とする写真家 平岡尚子氏に撮影を依頼した。フィルム写真には、時間と光のうつりかわりを映し出す一瞬がおさめられ、見慣れていたはずの空間がより繊細で美しい表情をひそめていた。

An attempt to capture the transition of scenery and time after space completion.
Beautiful moments continuously appear in our daily lives — when we open the window at dawn, or water the flowers, take care inside the house, or through flowers, fruits and tableware, and scent of the incense.
The moments indwelling in the actions we take or the objects existing in space are ephemeral. Apt to be overlooked under the pressure of time and excessive information nowadays, however, they keep creating sceneries as time passes by. This was what K-HOUSE was designed for — to be able to delicately sense the moments and sceneries.

Thus, we requested photographer Shoko Hiraoka, an expert in textures of light and atmosphere, for a photography session to capture these fleeting moments,
Although we should have been familiar of the space by now, the film images embraced delicate, beautiful moments reflecting the transition of hours and light we have never known. This is the kind of space we seek to keep designing —where scenery brings subtle abundance and beauty perceived when we let our senses be available to it.

K-HOUSE / Daily Record

Year: 2020 / Location: Setagaya, Tokyo / Category: Daily Record / Photographer: HIRAOKA SHOKO / Collaboration: VOICE [Konai Hitoshi]